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Oak Antique Range Engineered Flooring

Oak Antique Range Engineered Flooring

Antique Engineered Wood Flooring: 15mm & 20mm

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A unique range of hand-finished boards, with a distressed appearance and bespoke finish to re-create the indefinable beauty of an aged Oak floor.

Engineered wood flooring is specially designed to maximise the strength and durability. Each plank is constructed of a hardwood top layer, multi-plywood core and a supporting layer – which are bound together under extremely high pressure. Once installed, this results in a floor which has the appearance, sturdiness and longevity of a solid wood floor, yet has improved support from beneath, providing greater stability this is particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems, or where a ‘floating’ floor installation is preferred.

Our 20mm and 15mm thickness Oak boards come in long average lengths (80% of planks 1800mm plus) and are available in our full range of widths and bespoke finishes.


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Width Thickness Grade Pre-finished Stained or Hardwax Oiled
150mm 15mm Rustic £59.50 sqm *
190mm 15mm Rustic £62.50 sqm *
220mm 15mm Rustic £66.50 sqm *
150mm 20mm Rustic £67.50 sqm *
190mm 20mm Rustic £70.50 sqm *
220mm 20mm Rustic £74.50 sqm *


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