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Industrial Parquet Flooring

Industrial Parquet Flooring

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Following its launch at Interbuild 2000, the demand for UK Wood Floors’ high-spec, multi-use parquet flooring has grown spectacularly. Recent clients and projects include the following:

  • Bowmer ” Kirkland – The Hoxton Hotel, Great Eastern Street, London
  • Barnes Construction – Surrey Downs Golf Club
  • Chorus Group – The Pegasus Bar, Inner Temple
  • ASK Pizza Group – various restaurants
  • Mews Art Gallery – Portobello Road, London
  • Squire & Partners Architects – new Head Offices, London
  • Greencoat House – Victoria
  • Wetherspoons – various public houses

Most recently industrial parquet was selected by architects Bell Slater for the prestigious Hoxton Hotel project, and now welcomes every visitor as they enter the modern reception area, bar and restaurant.


Developed by UK Wood Floors at their own mills, industrial parquet is an exceptionally sturdy and versatile – but at the same time inexpensive – solid wood flooring. It is extremely hardwearing and can withstand the impact of heavy usage and footfall far better than alternative flooring.

Even in high traffic areas it can be expected that it will be several years before any significant refurbishment work is required – at which point the flooring can be sanded and re-finished as new. It also has excellent sound inhibition properties, as well as being anti-static.

Quality Materials

Industrial Parquet is made from upright, rowed mosaic parquet pieces, which are laid quickly and easily in pre-manufactured units using synthetic resin glue, directly onto the prepared sub-floor. The thickness of the material is 22mm and in common with all wood floors can then be sanded, surface treated and sealed.

It is available in many wood species including walnut, oak, hard maple, black cherry, birch and beech.

Timeless Design

The scope for industrial parquet is huge. From offices, hotels, shops and restaurants to schools and stockrooms, the range of uses it has been put to so far is ever expanding.

Industrial parquet allows the natural beauty and advantages of wood to go hand in hand with the practicalities of an inexpensive, sturdy and easy to maintain flooring – moreover one with excellent modern aesthetic impact.


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