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Solid Oak Antique Planks

Solid Oak Antique Planks

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For a level of exclusivity and individuality, antique flooring is ideal. Our range of solid oak antique planks are the perfect blend of durability and aesthetic quality, thanks to their thickness and strength. Their antique appearance means that they look unique to all other flooring – they look aged, but not dated. Aged flooring is associated with elegance and authenticity, something that looks magnificent in homes both modern and traditional.


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Width Thickness Grade T&G Pre-finished Stained or Hardwax Oiled
150mm 15mm Antique ` £59.50 sqm *
190mm 15mm Antique £62.50 sqm *
220mm 15mm Antique £66.50 sqm *
150mm 20mm Antique £69.50 sqm *
190mm 20mm Antique £72.50 sqm *
220mm 20mm Antique £76.50 sqm *
260mm 20mm Antique £81.50 sqm *


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